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We’re in good companies

We are grateful to have fellow time travelers from some of the best technology and design companies using our products. As we launch our social wallet, we are excited to have you join us!

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Founder’s Letter

1Wallet is a social wallet. By focusing on social utility, we are solving the adoption problem that has plagued the crypto ecosystem — too technical, prone to user error, and devoid of cultural experiences.

So, we built a non-custodial wallet without the stress of a private key. It is for young millennials & GenZers, who are crypto-curious. 1Wallet users can securely buy or send digital assets using a wallet-to-wallet chat. Creators can curate the best content from Web2 and build a better Web3 community.

As an open source platform with multichain support, developers and partners can add features and use cases, so non-crypto savvy users can access Web3 services: decentralized exchanges, play-to-earn games, tokenized social networks, fan-engagement communities, and NFT marketplaces.

We’re seeing tractions — conducting beta programs with 1,000+ targeted iOS users via IRL events and Zoom with ~11,000 waitlisted. Our public launch and go-to-market partnership with 88Rising & DNA3 will accelerate our growth. Our goal is to become the top 5 non-custodial wallet by 2023.

There’s still a long way to go, but we are stoked to have you onboard. We are so grateful you’re here and we look forward to receiving feedback from you to make the best social wallet for us both.

Team Timeless