At Timeless, we develop Web3 products that help transform your time into memorable experiences

We’re in good companies

We are grateful to have fellow time travelers from some of the best technology and design companies using our products. As we launch our Timeless Social Calendar, we are excited to have you join us!

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Founder’s Letter

We care deeply about your time, and how you make the best use of it. Calendar is where we schedule our meetings, with people we meet, people we celebrate with, people we spend time with. They have the power to bring together people from different walks of life from different parts of the world. We believe Calendar as a journal of your life, and we are determined to help you tell your story in it.

That’s why we started Timeless: we wanted a simple and easy way to capture these feelings and find work-life harmony.

Just like many of you, we want a better calendar that helps us focus on what matters. We know a great calendar must help you make the most of your day by effortlessly organizing your schedule and help us to actualize the value of time.

As a company, we solve problems in the time-management space because all of us are sick of calendars being all about work and being busy. We want you to feel “time rich,” not stuck in an endless hamster wheel of events and todos. We see the calendar’s latent potential, not only to organize time; more importantly, it can enrich people’s lives with social experiences.

We’ve taken on the challenge of making the best calendar. There’s still a long way to go, but we are stoked (and a bit nervous) to have you onboard. We are so grateful you’re here and we look forward to receiving feedback from you to make the best calendar for us both.

Team Timeless