Here’s To Time Travelers

While conventional calendars provide basic scheduling features for the ever-busy professionals, they do little to help us to actualize the value of time.

Just like many of you, we don’t want yet another calendar that treats us like a machine, regiment our lives, tell us what to do. We need a better calendar that helps us focus on what matters, serve one another, and live by each other’s happiness.

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Give 1 min, Get an hour back

Timeless is a simple, beautiful and smart calendar with a delightful product experience that gives you the right information and services at just the right time.

From Calendar to Time Machine

We are working on a new kind of calendar platform for all of us — a calendar that proactively cultivates our valuable time and assists us to get things done!

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The Best UI is Invisible

A great tool does not intrude on your consciousness by competing for your attention, just like a pair of glasses, they help you see the world, not the glasses.

Conventional calendars make the tool the center of attention and bombard us with overlapping blocks of time. So we end up playing calendar Tetris. Timeless embraces digital minimalism to help you focus on the now.

The Future of Service Marketplace

While there are many great enterprise calendars, our team takes a different path — we focus on prosumers use cases. As many of us intuitively grasp, most services are consumed as a unit of time, and Timeless can help you get helpful services at work and at home.

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We are all Time Travelers

If you think about it, we're all traveling through time together every day of our lives. Each one of us travels with the same rhythmic tick-and-tock of 24 hours in a day, and we try to do our best to relish this remarkable journey.