A Wallet For Your Time

Our daily schedule is becoming more fragmented, and our calendar is stress inducing, full of friction, and passive.
We deserve better.

Timeless Calendar reflects the values of our Time Travelers: fluid transition between work and life, curated discovery of services, and deep integrations with the experiences that matter to us.

Weekly Developer Sync Up
Uber ride
to SFO
DoorDash Delivery to the Office
at Blue Bottle

Take Control, Own Your Time

Blend your work and personal life with ease, find joy scheduling events with people, and seamlessly get the info you need with our reimagined calendar interfaces and smart actions.

From Calendar to Time Machine

Timeless is the first calendar to intuitively help you, whether it's recommending something fun to do in our Feed, or reducing the anxiety of calendar so you can stay in the moment.

to JFK
Handy cleaning services
Weekly Developer Sync Up
Open Table reservation at In Situ

Everything You Need In Your Pocket

A wallet needs to be lightweight, while also having anything you need within reach. With Timeless, you'll never struggle to find the important stuff ever again.

We are all Time Travelers

It's no secret, we care about your time. That's why our only goal is to make sure you make the best use of it, doing what matters, with the people you care about.