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Here’s To Time Travelers.

While conventional calendars provide basic scheduling features for the ever-busy professionals, they do little to help us to actualize the value of time.

Just like many of you, we don’t want yet another calendar that treats us like a machine, regiment our lives, tell us what to do. We need a better calendar that helps us focus on what matters, serve one another, and live by each other’s happiness.

That's why we are working on a new kind of calendar platform for all of us — a calendar that proactively cultivates our valuable time and assists us to get things done!

So, to our fellow time travelers, we invite you to join us:

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Get a smarter Calendar with Time Graph.

Most enterprise calendars treat each event entry as a static block of time and fail to capture contextually relevant information.

Timeless transforms the sparse calendar events into a lively Time Graph, enhanced by the extensive open-web information, such as people, location, agenda and much more.

The Future of Service Marketplace.

While there are many great enterprise calendars, our team takes a different path — we focus on consumers use cases. As many of us intuitively grasp, most services are consumed as a unit of time, and Timeless can help you get helpful services.

Prominent VCs are thinking about the future of the service economy, our team is building one today. So join us, we want to help you get the right service at the right time.

Timeless is on invitation only.

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Making Time for What Matters.

Fade time into the background

Conventional calendars work to fill up your schedule with back-to-back meetings so you can keep on running the calendar treadmill.

Timeless shows you relevant calendar events with beautiful and glanceable Time Cards; each card is designed with the right information at just the right time.

Make scheduling faster & easier

Traditionally, creating calendar entry is a chore, from reaching time consensus to updating event info requires several steps and fragmented communication tools.

Timeless knows your availability preferences, and it works with popular messaging platforms, so you don’t have to deal with the back-and-forth calendar bingos.

The Best UI is Invisible.

A great tool does not intrude on your consciousness by competing for your attention, just like a pair of glasses, they help you see the world, not the glasses.

Most professional calendars make the tool the center of attention and bombard us with overlapping blocks of time. So we end up playing calendar Tetris. Therefore, we set out to change the rules of the game when designing Timeless:

  • Information is Glanceable & Actionable
  • Navigation is Intuitive & Quick
  • User Interface is Subtle & Airy

We are all Time Travelers.

If you think about it, we're all traveling through time together every day of our lives. Each one of us travels with the same rhythmic tick-and-tock of 24 hours in a day, and we try to do our best to relish this remarkable journey.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life... And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Our team is at the starting point of our Day 1 journey to organize time and make it meaningful. We are following our heart and intuition to make products we want to use.

Deconstructing a DeLorean to build a time machine would be awesome, in the meantime, we are tinkering in Palo Alto, so we can all better travel through time.